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Camp Extreme is a fun challenging team building experience conducted in a military style atmosphere. It houses an army-oriented obstacle course and campsite set in 100 acres of natural bushland.

Our courses and training are designed to provide participants with challenging but achievable goal-oriented activities, which build confidence, team spirit, self reliance and provide motivation all in a monitored and controlled environment.

The whole emphasis is on teamwork and communication at the same time having some good old fashioned fun.

Extreme Skirmish 
Extreme Team Building (1/2 day, 1, 2 and 3 day courses) eg: Survivor theme (1/2 day). 
Extreme Parties 
Seccombe & Son Fishing Charters
Extreme BIKES 
Motivation Courses
Survival Training (1 or 2 day courses) 


Coffs Harbour adventures and tours.

Coffs Harbour adventures and tours.

Coffs Harbour adventures and tours.



Achievable challenges 
Doing something different 
Stress relief 
Boost self-confidence and self reliance 
Enhanced communication skills 
Team cohesion 
Increased productivity 
Confident and motivated staff 

Tax credits may be claimed under GST. 
All courses are tax deductible under staff training courses.

For information on any of the courses or other activities offered at the Extreme Team Training Centre, contact us by email/phone/our easy contact form. 

Extreme Skirmish
A complete combat experience!
What is it? An action-packed adrenaline-rushed time with realistic scenarios on our 6 combat fields. 
jungle combat 
bush patrol 
Hamburger hill 
Bunker hill 
urban combat 
the Colloseum 
Relive the seige at Khe Sahn on Bunker Hill, or patrol through the jungle rain forest. See who is the ultimate gladiator in the Colluseum!

Fully supervised by trained instructors at all times. 
Participants must be 18 years or over. 

Full safety briefing given to all participants.

Equipment: all equipment is supplied - camouflage overalls, helmet, mask, paint gun and paintballs. 

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Extreme Team Building 
The extreme team training centre is designed with a military style atmosphere. 
The centre offers a number of challenging and fun corporate team training courses. Achievable goal oriented activities build confidence, team spirit, self reliance and provides motivation. The emphasis is on teamwork and communication, while having some old-fashioned fun. 

team cohesion 
command line communication skills 
enhanced self confidence 
increased productivity 
confident and motivated staff 
A complete team building experience!

Team courses available include:
1/2 day team challenge 
1/2 day survivor challenge 
1 day team building course 
Camp Extreme team weekend (2 days, 2 nights) 
"What can I say - SENSATIONAL! You guys really let us have it and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves . The impact and activity really did give the desired effect. On behalf of the NSW Commercial Sales Group, we thank you!"
Tax credits are claimable under GST, and all courses are tax deductible under staff training courses.

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A complete party experience!
"Just wanted to say a special thank you for the fantastic day that Samuel and his friends had celebrating Samuel's 14th birthday. Adam and Luke made us feel so welcome and created a fabulous afternoon for the boys."
The Extreme party package is made up of
obstacle course 

For older children we have a survivor party: a package which includes six tasks - an obstacle course, boat dam crossing, archery and much more. Parties run for a maximum of three hours.
Access to BBQ facilities are included in all party packages 
(you will need to provide the food!). 
Bookings are essential, so contact us about your party now!

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Seccombe & Son Fishing Charters 
Camp Extreme now offers an estuary fishing experience conducted on a large farm dam fishing for a native species - Silver Perch. This activity is designed to take all the stress out of fishing with every thing you need to hook a big one supplied right from boats to bait. 
All activities are held on100 acres set in natural bush land. The activity is designed to provide participants with a relaxing fishing adventure. All fish caught are released after getting a photo. 
The whole emphasis is on learning, practicing new skills and seeing a bit of the Australian bush whilst at the same time having some good old-fashioned fun. 
Equipment supplied: fishing rod, bait, all tackle, lures. A boat is available for hire if required ($10.00 hire fee).
Participants need to bring: enclosed shoes, sunscreen, hat and a packed lunch. 
Bookings are essential so act today and don't be disappointed!


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Extreme BIKES
A complete biking experience!

Camp Extreme now offers bike riding for riders from novice to advanced, and all age groups. 

Tracks include: 
grass tracks 
bush trails 
a large cross country track 
Enduro loop 

Equipment: all riders must wear long pants, shirts and boots, and helmets must be worn at all times. Participants provide their own bike, and must follow the Camp's safety rules at all times.
BBQ facilities are available. Bookings for Extreme Bikes are essential.

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Extreme Motivation
Information on motivation courses is coming very soon.

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Survival Training 
Extreme survival training is a fun challenging and learning experience conducted in a controlled environment. 

The training includes:
knots and lashings 
emergency fire lighting 
basic camp craft 
and much more... 
All lessons are held at the base campsite set in natural bushland on 100 acres.

The training is designed to provide participants with challenging but achievable activities, which build confidence, team spirit, self-reliance and provide motivation.

The whole emphasis is on learning basic survival skills and practicing what has been taught whilst at the same time having some good old-fashioned fun.. 

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